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Daniel Goldberg

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08:44 am: Megaman's moveset for Brawl (If he gets in)

I came up with the perfect idea for a moveset for Megaman.  

B:  Charge Shot:  This attack is pretty much like Samus.  Just charge and shoot.  You can shoot normal shots also.  This attack also changes via the copy grab.  If you have a new weapon.  You can return to normal by taunting.

B + Up:  Mega Upper:  Megaman does a powerful dragon punch in the air.  

B + Down:  Slide Kick:  Megaman does a slide kick.  This attack can also be done in the air!  This gives Megaman an extra "YOU MUST RECOVER!"  Attack.

B + Foward:  Copy Grab:  Megaman will lunge foward and grab his opponent.  Now you can either beat your opponent senseless by pressing A and stuff.  Or scan your opponent and get a new power by pressing B.  However here is the twist.  Instead of actually getting their attack.  You get a robot master weapon based on that character.  Here is a list of some.  

Mario:  Fire Storm
DK:  Super Arm
Link:  Quick Boomerang
Samus:  Crash Bomb
Yoshi:  Wire Adaptor
Kirby:  Air Shooter
Fox:  Gemini Laser
Pikachu:  Thunder Beam
Jigglypuff:  Bubble Lead
Ness:  Magnet Missle
C.Falcon:  Scorch Wheel
Luigi:  Atomic Fire
Bowser:  Top Spin
Peach:  Mirror Buster
Zelda:  Leaf Shield
Ice Climbers:  Ice Slasher
Mewtwo:  Gravity Hold
Ganondorf:  ???  
Game and Watch:  Rush Coil *One time use*  Set as a trap for instant kill
Marth:  Knight Chain *Breaks shields*
Ike:  Flame Sword
Metaknight:  Tengu Blade
Pit:  Super Arrow
Wario:  ???
Zero Suit Samus:  ???
Snake:  Homing Sniper
Sonic:  Metal Blade
Megaman:  Always charged shots or whatever power Megaman has.

Possible Final Smashes.

1:  Astro Crush:  Think mario finale....only more powerful.  And from the air.

2:  Time Stopper:  Freezes time for 30 seconds allowing Megaman to get as many hits as needed.

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